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What is implant dentistry?

Implant dentistry is a way to replace missing teeth. The loss of your natural teeth not only alters your appearance, it can affect your whole attitude toward life, deflating your self-esteem and causing you to avoid social situations. Many people are embarrassed about their appearance as a result of missing teeth. Others are self-conscious about gaps in their teeth or are uncomfortable with ill-fitting bridgework. Dental implants have helped people to regain their self-confidence and maintain better overall health. With an improved appearance and a more youthful and natural look, you will quickly regain your self-esteem and return to being yourself at your best.

Why the AIID Faculty Practice?

Consider the AIID Faculty Practice when choosing a solution to missing teeth. Not only does the AIID Faulty Practice complete your procedure under one roof unlike many other options, but they can also complete the entire procedure in a little as one day. Learn more about the AIID Faculty Practice.